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Version 2

The Tortoise and…Well, No Hare

  We live in a neighborhood that has seen more than its fair share of "missing cat" signs taped to stop signs and light poles.  They've almost become part of every day life here. But I had to do a double take when I saw this sign for a missing tortoise last year. By now you know my mind...and the thought of a ...


Water Bottle With A Filter

Every rare once in a while, I find a product that so exceeds my expectations that I can’t help becoming an evangelist. And I'm here to evangelize Eco Vessel's Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle / Filtration Bottle with 100 Gallon Filter as a complete win-win product. I’m SAVING money, going GREEN by eliminating ...


The Aging Game

"What is that giant pimple doing right in the middle of my forehead?" I thought as I stared in the mirror without my glasses on. Yep. That's what I was thinking...just before I looked into the 10x magnifying mirror and realized it wasn't a zit at all. It was the mother of all age spots. Suddenly my tune changed, and I was ...


Marriage Is Work

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean I actually have to work at my marriage.  By this point, we've pretty much got the whole relationship-thing down to a science without a lot of effort.  What I mean, is that if you marry a business man, expect business to bleed over into your home life. Look, I thought I was signing up for an ...


Hitting Bottom: A Girl & Her Glasses

  If I could reclaim all the time that I have spent looking for my reading glasses, I could live to be a hundred.  I even lost them for several minutes while I was writing this blog post.  (Not kidding!) Apparently, I am incapable of keeping track of exactly where they are at any given moment.  Usually they ...

Version 2

Bunny: Breaking and Entering

  I was a strange child.  I'm perfectly willing to admit that right off the bat.  So it should come as no surprise that Easter weekends always made me very nervous. Yes, Easter is usually a joyful holiday, filled with the smiles and laughter of children.  But those are normal children.  I was pretty much a ...