Marriage Is Work

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean I actually have to work at my marriage.  By this point, we’ve pretty much got the whole relationship-thing down to a science without a lot of effort.  What I mean, is that if you marry a business man, expect business to bleed over into your home life.

Look, I thought I was signing up for an MRS.  I ended up with an MBA.

And I’m talkin’ simple things.  Like breakfast.

I asked Dan what he wanted for breakfast over the weekend.  Most husbands would probably just say, “Whatever.”  What did mine do?  He grabbed a white board out of his office, and charted the various possibilities for breakfast and/or brunch, additionally noting how they impacted dinner later.

Seriously?  We’re going to sit here and white board breakfast?

Why, yes we are:



Another example:  one of Dan’s favorite television shows is Shark Tank.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a panel of venture capitalists who are approached by entrepreneurs seeking investment capital for new businesses.  In a competitive environment, business owners pitch the promise of their ideas, and the Sharks either make an offer of investment or laugh them out of the room. It’s kinda like they turned the board room into a board game.

So we’re watching one particular business man as he ended his pitch, when Dan suddenly grabbed the remote, paused the show, turns to me and asks, “What will the Sharks offer?”

Oh crap!  A pop quiz!

So here I am on a Friday night, trying to quickly figure out revenue, multiples, and business valuations in my head…and I graduated from drama school for crying out loud!  But after a few seconds of mental gymnastics, I gave him my answer.  And then he hit “play”.

Darn it all if Mark Cuban didn’t proceed to say the EXACT same thing that I had just said.  Tah-dah!  Take THAT Mister Business Man!!!

Dan looked at me approvingly and said, “My work here is done.”

So yeah, marriage is work.  At least mine is.  At least for now.  I did ask Dan if it would always be this way, and he admitted there was a chance it wouldn’t be.  Although granted, he actually gave me the SEC disclaimer: “Past performance does not guarantee future results.”

Just kill me now.

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One response to “Marriage Is Work”

  1. Candy Carter says:

    This was so cute and funny. I’m so happy to see you writing more. I love it. You go Girl!!

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