For the Person Who Has Everything

Christmas is just around the corner, and this year I finally have the answer to that age old question: “What do you buy for the person who has everything?”

A Yonanas machine.

(Okay, I just saw your head tilt at an angle at your computer screen…you looked a little like the old RCA dog.)

Yes, I said a Yonanas machine. You know I only tell you about products that I’m personally in love with, right? So listen, dollars to donuts, your gift recipient doesn’t have one of these yet. And I can guarantee you that they’ll WANT one…once they find out it exists. And so will you. Let me explain.

We all wish we could eat ice cream any time we wanted to, right? But that wouldn’t be healthy. Well, what if you could eat frozen fruit that has been turned into the creamy consistency of soft serve ice cream?

Well, that’s what a Yonanas machine does. It creates soft serve goodness, healthy enough for anytime, because it’s just frozen fruit. No dairy. No added sugar. No chemicals. Just. Frozen. Fruit.

I know people who have tried this with their blenders and food processors for years. And the end product usually turns out like my first attempts at mashed potatoes: either a little lumpy and grainy, or it goes too in far the other direction and gets gluey.

A Yonanas machine is truly nothing like what you think you could make with another appliance. It makes your frozen bananas into the absolute perfect consistency of soft serve. And you will never run out of variations. Throw in a bunch of frozen strawberries, throw in some frozen mango, throw in some frozen pineapple. The other fruits will change it completely. Heck, one of my favorite recipes is to throw in some peanut butter! Yep…like a soft serve PB&J!

So you’re eating a completely healthy yet decadent treat. You can check off that serving of fruit that you know you should eat…and you can feel like you’re cheating while you do it.

PLUS (and I can’t hit this point hard enough), you can put an end to wasting fruit that you don’t get around to eating before it goes bad. Yonanas requires using very ripe fruit. So when my bananas get speckled beyond the point that they look appealing (pardon the pun), they are exactly PERFECT for me to freeze for a Yonanas treat. I cannot tell you how many bananas, peaches, cherries, and grapes that I used to throw away because we didn’t get to them. It was honestly shameful. Now they all have a second life in my freezer…waiting to become a Yonanas treat. Eliminating that waste alone will easily pay for a Yonanas machine.

So now that you’re drooling (and watch your keyboard…drool is bad for keyboards), let me remind you that we were talking about your buying this as a gift! Wouldn’t this make a clever, original, healthy, practical, fun gift for that person-who-has-everything? You know they’d love a Yonanas machine.

And, so will you. So why not buy two!  

Here’s a link to Amazon for your convenience.


I’d like you to know that if you purchase this product from one of my links I may receive a small advertising commission.  However, maintaining an honest relationship with you is more important than the lure of advertising money.  So regardless of the incentive, I only write about products that I actually use myself and am truly crazy in love with. That is my promise.

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3 responses to “For the Person Who Has Everything”

  1. So I just read all your posts – now I know where your mother gets her humor!

    By the way – I bought my husband, Jack, a Yonana for Christmas this past year. He felt that it was the best Christmas present he received since he got his Red Ryder BB gun when he was just a boy! In fact we all love it for all the reasons that you mentioned.

    It is a bit loud though. It reminds me of when we were first married- one of our first major purchases was a water distiller (yes, I wish they had had the technology of the bottle distiller you talked about) The sales man came to our apt and gave us a demonstration. He told us that it would distill a gallon at a time in just two and one half hours! It was as loud as a riding lawn mower in the house but he looks at us and says(seriously) “AND HEAR HOW QUIET IT IS?” Since it boiled water it gave off serious heat for 2 1/2 hours – in Florida. But we loved it and had it for about 15 years. I hope our Yonana lasts as long!

  2. Carrie says:

    I love this idea, and ordered two on your recommendation. A couple of family members have dietary constraints and are going to be so surprised. They’ve missed their ice cream.

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