To Double Space. Or Not.

News flash:

I’ve apparently been dating myself with punctuation spacing.

First it was the Kleenex tucked in my sleeve.  Then it was the bifocals.  Now I find out that double spacing after a period is considered archaic behavior?

I ran across an article at Alltop (read it here) that kindly explained that the double space was originally inserted after a period to help make monospaced fonts more readable.  Then the article takes a nasty turn and judgmentally states, “But that was a long time ago.”

Huh?  Define “long”, you single-spacing whippersnappers!  You’re making me sound like I was in typing class with Little Billy Shakespeare or something.

Kids, it wasn’t THAT long ago.  It’s not like we were double spacing after periods on our stone tablets.  I mean, I grew up in the Modern Age, just like you.  We had microwaves.  We had rocket ships.  We had rock and roll.  Heck, we had Steven Tyler!

(Although, maybe Steven Tyler isn’t a good example, since watching him take his reading glasses on and off between American Idol contestants makes me want to weep with sadness.  And sometimes joy.  I vacillate.)

Anyway, all I’m saying is aging is hard enough.  Please leave me what little dignity I had by allowing me to think my punctuation spacing was still in vogue.

Besides, I’ve discovered that I actually can’t stop my right thumb from automatically double spacing.  But to hear you kids tell the tale, that’s probably only the first in a long line of bodily functions I’m about to lose control of. <space><space> So there!  At least I’ll go down defiantly.

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