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Every rare once in a while, I find a product that so exceeds my expectations that I can’t help becoming an evangelist. And I’m here to evangelize Eco Vessel’s Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle / Filtration Bottle with 100 Gallon Filter as a complete win-win product.

I’m SAVING money, going GREEN by eliminating use of plastic, drinking DELICIOUS water, drinking HEALTHIER water, am better PREPARED for emergencies, and can TRAVEL with all those benefits intact. Seriously…how many “wins” can you fit into one win-win situation? Well, lemme explain…

Taste, Expense, Environmental Impact (and did I mention Taste?)

I like to think that I’m generally not high maintenance (stop…I can hear you snickering). But I admit to being a complete pain in the neck where water is concerned. I am ridiculously finicky about taste. Yes, I can do the old “Pepsi Challenge” and identify various brands of bottled water in a blind taste test. I am ridiculously finicky.

And I drink a LOT of water. Buying as much bottled water as I needed was just becoming a crazy expense. Plus I was truly beginning to regret my impact on the planet by going through that much plastic. So I began my search for a personal, refillable water bottle to replace the plastic throwaways.

But what about the taste!?!!? I certainly couldn’t just refill a water bottle from the tap. Even water from my under-sink filter didn’t taste good to me. Hmmmm…what about a water bottle that contained its own filter? Yep, I found it!

Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle / Filtration Bottle with 100 Gallon Filter

What this water bottle does for tap water is off-the-hook amazing. Its plant-based filter works as you suck the water up through the “straw” top of the bottle (the water comes easily up the straw…doesn’t take a world of effort, unlike some other filtered water bottles).  And the water tastes DELICIOUS! (Remember…I’m finicky.)

And yes, the bottle is BPA free, made from food grade quality stainless steel!

It’s insulated, too.  Which means on a hot day, I can fill it with cold water…and the water will still be cold hours later.  So refreshing and so convenient!

Plus, Eco Vessel states that the filter removes 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, reduces toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens and chlorine.  So, understand…now I’m not only drinking water that tastes fantastic…but it’s also been filtered to actually be healthier!

Emergency Preparedness

Now, this is so brilliant…I feel like it needs a drum roll please!  Because of the filtration process, their Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle would be the perfect addition to an Emergency Preparedness kit for those of us in earthquake or hurricane territory.

From now on, if I am told that our tap water is no longer drinkable, I won’t have to think “YUCK” when utilizing standard emergency water sources like water heater reserves and toilet flush tanks.  It would be worth the purchase price just to keep a bottle on hand if only for emergencies!

For Hikers and the Outdoorsy

Eco Vessel also mentioned because of the filtering process, their Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle allows you to safely drink from rivers…a perfect water bottle to have with you when hiking or camping, in case of emergency.

Now before you all die laughing, yes, we all know my odds of getting caught in the outdoors without a nearby cabana boy is slim. But seriously, if this bottle will allow me to safely drink from a river, then how much more assured am I that it is safely filtering the water from my tap! And those of you who do love the outdoors…wouldn’t this be a great addition to your gear?

For those of you serious about your numbers, Eco Vessel’s customer service told me,  “Filter tested to meet or exceed NSF Standard 53 for cyst removal.  We also meet or exceed NSF Standard 42 which pertains to odor and taste.”  In English?  Healthier and tastier.


I’m starting to feel like a bad TV commercial…but I have to say it:        “And that’s not all!”

When I’d go out of town, it was never fun to pay the exorbitant “mini bar” rate for the bottled water in the hotel room, or take time to find a nearby shop to stock up. Well, I’ve started traveling with my Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle. It’s extremely light when empty, so adds practically nothing to my luggage allowance. But it makes hotel tap water taste just as delicious as it makes my water at home…with no muss, fuss, or extra expense.

A Complete Win-Win

So as I said at the beginning of the post, my water world is now cheaper, greener, yummier, and healthier. And emergencies, activities or travel won’t interfere with that one little bit. I can’t help but be enthusiastic!

By the way, it comes with a 100-gallon filter.  100 gallons? Come on…that’s a lot of water. But when it comes time to replace the filter, replacement filters are available for around $16. Much cheaper than 100 gallons of bottled water, right?!

Read the reviews about the Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle for yourself. And you can absolutely trust me when I say the water tastes delicious. And you know for me, taste was the number one goal. The rest is just an amazing bonus!

You can purchase through Amazon or directly through Eco Vessel’s website.


I’d like you to know that if you purchase this product from one of my links I may receive a small advertising commission.  However, maintaining an honest relationship with you is more important than the lure of advertising money.  So regardless of the incentive, I only write about products that I actually use myself and am truly crazy in love with.

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2 responses to “Water Bottle With A Filter”

  1. Excellent idea, Heidi. I do think this would be an amazing product for third world countries. Although, I’m sure the filters would have to be replaced more often considering they would probably be filtering normally non-potable water. Aqua Vessel has a very responsive customer service department. Even if they couldn’t donate outright, perhaps if they would provide a discount, it might be something that some of the donations could go towards. Definitely worth pursuing.

  2. heidi Wollman says:

    Would this not be the most amazing thing in third world countries? Not only for when we visit, but can you imagine the impact of this for them? I would love it if my orphans angelsheaven.myevent.com could have something like this. I’ve made a small attempt at getting the tent company to help out by donating some tents to the orphans, but nothing so far. I was hoping it would be great advertising for them, but he’s already lost 2 of the tents to the monsoons. THIS product, though…. hmmm…..

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