The Christmas Letter 2017

The idea for this blog began because of the encouraging responses we received from our friends about our annual Christmas Letters. So to keep our tradition alive for everyone, here’s a peek into 2017’s letter:


I shocked you last year with the news that Dan ate alligator and frogs’ legs. As we all expected, that did not happen again. But this year holds even more shocking news. Brace yourself.

I am gainfully employed.

I know, I know. This is madness. But blame yourself. You encouraged me to write for a living, and you finally made your point. I am now a ghostwriter for several entities. (I’d tell you who they are, but, well, putting the emphasis on the “ghost” part of “ghostwriter” is pretty much the main point. You’re not supposed to know it’s me!)

But I’ll let you in on a little secret, now that I’m writing for someone else almost every day, I find it extremely difficult to find the material — or the motivation — to write for myself anymore.

So with that said, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Tracey & Dan



P.S. You didn’t think you’d get rid of me that quickly, did you?

I have more news to share. Dan turned his decades-old real estate hobby into a profession this year. Although Florida didn’t allow reciprocal privileges for his California Brokers’ license, he was able to pass the state exams here easily (although the section on selling swamp land to Yankees was a challenge). Now, he’s busy listing and selling properties from Tampa to Sarasota. He absolutely loves it!

That’s one smart cookie I married years ago, despite what previous Christmas letters may have led you to believe.

And you know, that brings up a point. They say confession is good for the soul — so, maybe I should do some confessing of my annual goofiness instead of throwing Dan under the sleigh. (He’ll consider this a Christmas miracle, I’m sure.)

In my defense, it’s not that I’m all that goofy, really. It’s just that I get confused. Easily. Often. For instance, after I read the Tampa Bay Times’ headline that stated, “As Tampa Economy Matures, More Key People Bear Watching,” Dan could do nothing more than shrug his shoulders when I asked him why people would be watching bears? Are the bears encroaching in business districts? Construction sites? Is that what they mean by “Bear Market”?

Or, how about this one? During the transport of our Thanksgiving ham to our friends’ annual holiday gathering, I accidentally dribbled sticky ham glaze all over my umbrella as it lay on the car floor. So, I brought the umbrella inside to attempt to clean it with soap and water. But, before putting it in the sink, I lamented to Dan that I really hoped getting the umbrella wet wouldn’t ruin it. God bless him, he just deadpanned, “Honey. It’s an umbrella.” Oh, yeah.

You know, maybe it’s not that I’m confusable. Maybe it’s just that I’m a creative-type … I see things a little differently. I did flirt with one really brilliant idea for a product earlier this summer. It was so hot that instead of the usual cup of coffee in the morning, I decided to enjoy an iced coffee instead. I know a lot of folks who drink iced coffee, and sure enough, it was soooooo good. Creamy, cold caffeine. So, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be delicious if we did this with tea instead of coffee? We could call it iced … oh. Wait. Never mind.

All right, all right, I’ve confessed enough, and my soul honestly doesn’t feel any better than when I started. In fact, I think I’m developing a complex. (I wish I could tell you that those were just jokes we thought up. Nope. They happened. Yay me.)


<Insert abrupt segue here>

I have to tell you about our unexpected trip this summer. We were lucky enough to be invited to go on a cruise to … wait for it … Cuba! We never, ever dreamed that we would be able to set foot legally in Cuba in our lifetimes and feel so grateful for the opportunity. We could imagine the beauty of Havana as it must have been in its heyday before it fell into Communism and disrepair. But, the classic cars were more beautiful than ever, and the ingenuity of the Cuban people is incredible.

Before I go, I do want to clear up a wee bit of confusion. I’ve been fielding inquiries from concerned friends and family about the condition of my mother. Apparently, earlier this week, there was an obituary announcement for Evelyn Davis published in her hometown newspaper. After taking her pulse to confirm that it was, indeed, a different Evelyn Davis, poor Mom spent the day answering her phone! Although why people were telephoning “the deceased” is puzzling. (And they call me confused.)

But, if you’ve heard the news, rest assured — Mom is just fine. In fact, when I called her to make sure, she said, “Are you calling because I died? It’s not me. Can I call you back later? I have to go to Pilates.” Yep, paraphrasing Mark Twain, the reports of her death were greatly exaggerated. She’s obviously as feisty as ever … still a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. Santa will make the final determination soon.

Now go make your Christmas beautiful! Much love always.

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