The Christmas Letter 2015

The idea for this blog began because of the encouraging responses we received from our friends about our annual Christmas Letters. So to keep our tradition alive for everyone, here’s a peek into 2015’s letter:

Well, here we are again…smack dab in the throes of Christmas triage. I call it triage because the lead-up to the holidays can feel exactly like an emergency room. Don’t you find yourself assessing what absolutely needs to receive immediate attention before it’s too late? Me, too. So I’ve done the out-of-town shopping, the packing and the post office shipping, but I have let the Christmas cards languish on a gurney in the hall (well, actually the dining room table).

Frankly, it’s because I’ve fretted all year about writing the Christmas letter. Last January, Dan (quite enthusiastically, I might add) pointed out a news article regarding a woman who was fined $12,500 for defaming her husband on Facebook. Listen, if it weren’t for defaming my husband, I would have no annual Christmas letter!! Right? But rather than be faced with mailing you a blank sheet of paper, I decided to start saving money. I’m only about $50 short…so here goes:

Remember when I used to complain that Dan’s mind was filled with useless trivia…and I was trying to figure out a way to monetize it. Well, guess what? Ka-ching! This year, along with a group of friends, we discovered weekly trivia contests at a local pub. Truth be told, it really is a team effort. But I like to consider Dan our secret weapon. The winning team gets a hefty credit towards their bar tab. So apparently, we’re exercising our brain cells and killing them at the same time.

So maybe that’s why our minds are slipping. One example? We went out for our regular Tuesday brunch at a local eatery we love. Had a great breakfast. Hugged our servers goodbye. Went home. That’s when my phone dinged, and the server texted, “Did you forget something?” Aaaaand, here’s where I’m going to suggest that if you’re want to dine and dash…you don’t do it where they have your phone number. Good grief.

Anyway, back to trivia, Dan takes it very seriously. He felt like he wasn’t performing well on Greek and Roman mythology questions, so for his birthday, he actually went to Europe to study the culture. At least, that’s what he told *me* was the reason that he and two of his buddies traveled together on a 2-week, all-boys trip to Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, Athens and Rome. As you have probably imagined, I think there was very little “studying” involved.

He was very proud to report that he ate Greek salad every day (please just play along that eating salad is a major accomplishment). And much to my astonishment, he said he also ate hummus!! But before you pass out from the shock, let me clarify that as he was proudly telling me this, I noticed over his shoulder that one of is friends was shaking his head negatively.  Apparently, Dan *thought* he ate hummus, but they didn’t have the heart to tell him that wasn’t what it was.

But bless his heart for eating something adventurous, right? No matter what it was. (And yes, he loved saganaki. But no, fried Greek cheese doesn’t count as either adventurous OR an accomplishment.)

In Rome, they apparently toured pizza places, gelato stands, and The Vatican. Dan admitted later that he was quite nervous that he would be recognized by a Cardinal as having been fired as an altar boy in 1970. Yes. Fired. Hey, Dan didn’t realize how early altar boys had to be at church in the morning! So he slept late and assumed God would be understanding. God may have been, but the Priest wasn’t. So somewhere in the heart of The Vatican, I’m sure he’s  featured on a wanted poster. But luckily, this time, the boys were able to enjoy their tour without incident.

I’d better sign off for now. Looking at the triage list, I still have some local shopping to do. Which reminds me to share our favorite holiday store sign. We laugh every time we drive by.


Seriously? “Featuring the Holy Family”? As Dan said, “What other family could a nativity set possibly feature? The Kardashians?”

Oooh, I probably shouldn’t have put that visual in your head.  Sorry.

We do hope the holidays bring you many laughs and much happiness that lasts through the New Year.


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